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Satisfy your salt tooth, slash your weight! Try The Salt Solution Cookbook FREE for 21 days - and get 2 FREE GIFTS just for looking!
Try The Salt Solution Cookbook FREE for 21 days - and get 2 FREE GIFTS just for looking!
Try The Salt Solution Cookbook FREE for 21 days - and get 2 FREE GIFTS just for looking! Now, with the revolutionary recipes in The Salt Solution Cookbook, you can easily outwit one of your waistline's biggest enemies — salt! — and shed excess weight in a flash! In the brand new Salt Solution Cookbook, you'll discover the proven science behind the salt-obesity connection and see how easy it is to rebalance your taste buds, reclaim your health, and rewind your scale — just by enjoying delicious food like Good Morning Muffins, Tuna Tacos, Savory Pot Roast, Turkey Sloppy Joes, Asian Chicken Stir-Fry, even desserts like Zucchini–Chocolate Chip Snack Cake and Oreo Delight!
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BECAUSE WE'RE PREVENTION, and because we don't take your trust lightly, we want you to know that your results will vary. Our PREVENTION group was highly successful in losing weight, but their results are not typical. However, similar results were reported in multiple medical and university studies testing a similar diet. A typical person should expect a safe and healthy weight loss rate of 1 to 2 pounds per week following the Salt Solution meal and exercise program. But no one can guarantee your results when losing weight. You will have to change your diet and lifestyle somewhat to succeed. We believe we give you the BEST chance to lose weight and enjoy life too.